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Solved: 4 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Your Immigration Lawyer

Today number of Americans and Asians are planning on relocating to Canada. Yet, most of these individuals fail to become a green card holder owing to several mistakes on their application forms or certain protocols they aren’t aware of. They simply proclaim on social media about moving to Canada without even knowing the basic conventions involved.

Thus, to ensure that they are well versed with the complicated Canadian migration procedure, it is important they hire the best immigration lawyers Toronto. Yet, most of the times, these individuals end up hiring attorneys without clearing the basic queries weighting their mind. As a result, they leave the entire process to their respective attorney without paying heed to the events that lead to migration.

This often causes confusion for both the migrant and the lawyer. So, to aid this, several migration lawyers have put forward the solution to common queries that clients harbor on immigration.immigration lawyers toronto

Let’s Begin:

  1. Can Marrying a Canadian Help Become a Green Card Holder?

One of the most common questions put forward to a immigration lawyers Toronto is the one dealing with marriage. Having a Canadian spouse is undoubted, a great way to relocate to Canada.

If you hail from the economic class, in normal cases, your lawyer will request you to provide qualifications and work experiences. However, in general cases, marriage allows one to avoid language tests, providing income and educational requirement.

  1. Will Moving to Canada Provide Free Healthcare?

Another question that a immigration lawyers Toronto can face is the issue of healthcare. Canadian permanent residents normally are awarded healthcare options for free. For example, if you’re a foreign student residing on Canadian soil, you’ll get healthcare. You just have to ensure that you provide the correct documents as demanded by your provincial residency.

However, if you’re visiting or residing in Canada as a guest then you won’t get free healthcare options.

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  1. How to understand if you are Eligible for Citizenship?

Canadian migration law is vast and complicated, and searching for the answers online won’t do you any good. To understand the complex procedures it is best to consult a reputed immigration lawyers Toronto, who will consider your age, marital status, work experience, work permit, criminal history, child custody options and many more to decipher your eligibility. Then depending on the type of situation, you are in, your lawyer will formulate the correct application form.

In general, eligibility differs for various clients as lots of factors are involved. For more information about canadian citizenship eligibility and immigration lawyer Toronto visit here:

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  1. Which is the Fastest Way to Migrate to Canada?

Another question that most migrants bombard lawyers is the fastest way to migrate to Canada. The answer to this is via, express entry. However, this procedure requires one to provide all the documents in a segregated way. You’ll require entering your post-secondary education documents, work experience in a niche occupation along with high language proficiency proof.

After this, much like a dating site, your profile is thrown among other profiles and forms. The one with the most potential is picked for permanent residentship.

Well, these 4 questions are mostly bombarded on a immigration lawyers Toronto, and understanding the answers can help simplify a migration procedure. So, gain more knowledge and pick the best lawyer to ensure your entry into Canada.